Battery Storage Solutions

More and more Texans are realizing the benefit of backup battery storage in their home to go with their clean energy solar system. Battery storage allows homeowners to be independent of the grid in case of a grid failure and keep the lights on when the rest of the neighborhood is dark.

Battery storage also helps homeowners maximize the power they are getting from solar by sending as little as possible back to the utility grid and staying as independent as possible. While solar is still primarily a grid-tied solution, the battery backup allows Texans to have as little dependence on the utility grid as possible.

We only use top name brand Battery Manufactures to ensure our customers are getting the reliability and quality that they have come to expect. If you have an existing solar system and want to add a battery that is no problem! We have custom options to add batteries to existing systems as well as build them into a new solar package. Give us a call today to find out what options work best for you!

Why Circle L Solar?

What we do is not nearly as important as why we do it. At Circle L Solar, we feel it is our responsibility to help homeowners to reduce their energy consumption and costs through eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

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